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If you live in Katy or the surrounding area, and you’ve recently received whiplash, we can help. Whiplash is an injury where the head and neck is suddenly and abruptly forced in one direction and then another direction. Think of the movement as similar to the cracking of a whip. That abrupt jerking motion can injure the tendons and muscles in the side of your neck, causing excruciating pain. Whiplash can come about as a result of all types of incidents, from getting into an auto accident to being injured while playing various sports. This sort of injury can be extremely painful depending on the severity of the injury.

Symptoms of Whiplash

There are a few typical signs that you could be dealing with a whiplash injury.

  • One common symptom is having a decreased range of motion in your neck. This means that you're only able to turn your head slightly to the left and right instead of being able to move it as normal.

  • You may also experience pain when you try to move your head from front to back.

  • If you try to turn your head suddenly to look behind you, you could be met with stiff resistance and pain in the neck region.

  • You may also experience headaches that start at the base of the skull and move towards the front of the forehead.

Whiplash Isn't Always Immediate

One of the interesting things about whiplash is that it's not always immediate. You may have been injured in an auto accident or pulled a muscle days before feeling any pain, delaying your symptoms. If you begin to experience any of the previously stated symptoms, ask yourself and try to recall if you had any recent incidents where your head or neck was abruptly moved. Even if you don't feel anything right away, you may experience the effects of the injury eventually.

It’s Time to Speak to a Chiropractor

If you do decide to see a chiropractor, make sure that you tell him or her everything you can about your injury. This includes when it happened, the type of injury, and how much pain you’re experiencing. This information is essential because it will help lay the foundation from which your chiropractor will be able to build a treatment plan.

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